Junior Matthews

Christine Rucker Photo

Christine Rucker Photo

Phoebe and I met Junior Matthews about a year ago. He moved to East Bend after coming home from WWII. He married, raised a family and made the river an integral part of his life as a farmer and family man. I was amazed that he still tends the bottom land every year and he seemed always on the go.

Junior lives just right up the river from me, and a few days ago I noticed a pretty fog settling on the water after an afternoon storm.  Junior had been on my list to call on again for more photos this time of evening. I caught up with him right about the perfect time, as the sun was going down. By 7:30, Junior had already brought dinner to his neighbors, gone to a visitation at the funeral home , then gone to his church to volunteer. I wasn’t sure he had the energy to take me down to his river dock, but when he called me back he said to come on over and he was waiting in his truck for me when I arrived.Christine Rucker Photo

By the time we got to the river, the fog had lifted away but the water was completely calm, with a mix of blues and pinks reflected off the surface. Junior told me how much he enjoyed this time of the evening as his breathing settling down to match the  rythym of the river. Junior said that listening to the frogs and crickets and fish splashing to the surface of the water was more relaxing and calming for him than sitting on his sofa inside

Christine Rucker Photo

This year Junior Matthew’s turns 90 — you wouldn’t know it by looking at him or by trying to keep up with him. Christine

Christine Rucker Photo


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6 Responses to “Junior Matthews”

  1. Junior matthews is my brother in law. I can assure you he is a wonderful Christian man. With such a big heart, he will trully give you the shirt off his back if you need it. He was a wonderful loyal husband and father. I use to stay with them in the summer and help in the tobacco-so I would know first hand. Blessings to Junior he will be 90 years old this August.
    Jean Vestal Keller

  2. Junior Matthews is one of the finest men in Yadkin County. He is a friend to everyone and I love him with all my heart.

  3. Junior is a wonderful person who helps everyone! He is an example of what a true Christian is! May God continue to bless you Junior as you truly bless others!

  4. I am very proud to call him Uncle Junior. We have shared many fun times over the years. It has been a blessing to have such a great friend and uncle.

  5. Grandpa Junior is a wonderful man I am so blessed to have him in my life and my little girls. We love him so much!!!

  6. Junior is a great guy and I feel very lucky to be his next door neighbor. I feel so close to him that others probably think that I am his daughter. And he is a handsome man who makes a great date…

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