Coming full circle

Nearly 30 years ago, the Winston-Salem Journal sent Floyd Rogers, one of its best writers ever, on a journey down the Yadkin River. He traveled with local environmentalists in an effort to raise awareness about the threats facing the river and wrote a series of articles about the people he met along the way. The series was republished as a book called the Yadkin Passage. Five years later, when I started at the Journal in the Davidson County bureau, I borrowed Floyd’s book from the Davidson County library.  I wanted to learn some local history and also get a feel for the possibilities for in-depth storytelling that lay ahead for me. Floyd was still at the paper, and I learned much from him about the writer’s craft.  Every once in awhile, someone at the Journal would say it was time to repeat Floyd’s journey. But other, more urgent stories, always stood in the way. And so Floyd’s journey was never repeated. When I left the Journal in 2008, Christine and I decided to work on a documentary project together. We had reported long stories together before when we were both at the Journal, and wanted to see what we could do with her photography and my interviews. She wanted to focus on her community in and around East Bend. I thought of the Yadkin journey we’d never gotten around to taking again at the Journal. With today’s coverage in the Journal of our Yadkin River Story I feel as though we have come full circle:

Many thanks to the Journal for taking an interest in our project and for devoting precious space to Christine’s photos. And many thanks to you, our readers, for following our work.


~ by yadkinriverstory on September 12, 2010.

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